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Changes in Portuguese Law Have Put an End to Golden Visas for Property Investors

The Mais Habitação Law, introduced by the Portuguese Government on 6th October 2023, has reshaped the Golden Visa program in Portugal. With these changes, prospective Golden Visa applicants now face altered routes for eligibility.

Previously, investments in real estate categories were a key avenue for Golden Visa applications. However, under the updated regulations, property investments will no longer be valid for applications.

There are however still a number of ways to enter into the Golden Visa scheme through investments.

One option is to invest €500,000 or more in qualifying funds, specifically those not focused on real estate, such as venture capital funds. Another route involves investing €500,000 or more into a company, contributing to the creation of 5 jobs or the maintenance of 10 jobs.

In addition to these business-oriented paths, the Mais Habitação Law introduces donation-focused alternatives for Golden Visa seekers. Applicants can now consider transferring €500,000 into public or private scientific research institutions. Alternatively, a donation of €250,000 into projects supporting artistic production, recovery, or maintenance of the national cultural heritage becomes a viable route.

These diverse options reflect the evolving landscape of the Golden Visa program in Portugal, providing applicants with alternative routes to secure residency.

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